The University of the Philippines Ventures for International and Transformative Academia (UP VINTA) stands as one of the flagship programs of the UP System, embodying a commitment to transcend geographical borders and deliver UP quality education to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families. The program is driven by the noble purpose of making UP education accessible and borderless, ensuring that knowledge knows no bounds.

Four Pillars of UP VINTA


Inclusivity is a fundamental tenet of UP VINTA, aiming to eliminate barriers to education for Filipino students abroad. The framework seeks to provide these students with access to industry-relevant knowledge through targeted initiatives.

Quality Instruction

Ensuring quality of instruction is paramount within UP VINTA. The framework acknowledges the importance of aligning academic programs with global higher education standards.


The spirit of innovation is woven into the fabric of UP VINTA. Recognizing that the challenges of the modern world requiring inventive solutions, the framework promotes research collaboration.

Public Service: Engaging Stakeholders for Inclusive Growth

Public service takes center stage in UP VINTA, as the framework actively engages stakeholders in the journey towards transnational education. By fostering collaboration with government bodies, industries, and civil society, UP VINTA seeks to bridge the gap between academia and the real-world challenges faced by society.

Preserving the original UP Color palette of gold, green, and maroon, this version of the UP VINTA logo symbolizes UP's transnational and/or worldwide reach, and the graceful sail of a VINTA. Positioned proudly in front, the UP oblation symbolizes UP leading the charge in this program.